Do You want to download CS 1.6? Read rules first!!! By downloading this Counter strike 1.6 Setup, you accept - You'll download this non-steam CS 1.6 client only for your personal use, you'll don't share this non-steam game version with your friend's and/or other people.
Also you must have original (STEAMED game version) if you want to use this one non-steam CS 1.6 game version.

CS 1.6 download option's, it's compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows operating system's (Direct or TORRENT download):

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GE: თუ გსურთ პირდაპირ ჩამოტვირთვა CS 1.6 დააჭირეთ ღილაკს "DOWNLOAD SETUP".
TR: Eğer CS 1.6 indir istiyorsanız, basın "DOWNLOAD SETUP".
ES: Si desea descargar CS 1.6, pulse "DOWNLOAD SETUP".
SE: Om du vill ladda ner CS 1.6, trycker "DOWNLOAD SETUP".
EE: Kui soovite laadida CS 1.6, press "DOWNLOAD SETUP".
AR: إذا كنت تريد تحميل CS 1.6، الصحافة "DOWNLOAD SETUP".
LV: Ja jūs vēlaties lejupielādēt CS 1.6, nospiediet "DOWNLOAD SETUP".
IT: Se volete scaricare CS 1.6, premere "DOWNLOAD SETUP".
NO: Hvis du vil laste ned CS 1.6, trykker "DOWNLOAD SETUP".
RO: Dacă doriți descărcați CS 1.6, apăsați "DOWNLOAD SETUP".
GR: Αν θέλετε να κατεβάσετε άμεσα CS 1.6 Κάντε κλικ στο κουμπί: "DOWNLOAD SETUP".
RU: Если вы хотите скачать бесплатно CS 1.6, нажмите на кнопку: "DOWNLOAD SETUP".

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Download CS 1.6 setup file, just click on Cs 1.6 download or Counter Strike 1.6 download button, which is at the bottom of this page.

It's full CS 1.6 game client with masterserver (plugin which must be installed into CS client if you want to see online CS 1.6 server's list). Our CS 1.6 client have all most important update's, it's very important if you want to have fully working CS 1.6 game. CS 1.6 setup file is fully protected from all known slowhacking method's (autoconnect (autoexec.cfg, violence.cfg, userconfig.cfg and other game config file's modifying), Game Menu modifying, other slowhack's - .VBS, .DLL, .EXE, .DEM, .SAV files sending and autoruning it without player accept. So if you want to have fully working CS 1.6 client, just download it by click on one of few button's.

Counter Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshots.
Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshot (terrorist with glock de_dust2 near ct base attacking Counter-Terrorist) you can DOWNLOAD Counter-Strike 1.6 game absolutely free from our web page. Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshot number two (terrorist with AK-47 rifle gun) lets download cs from, our cs 1.6 client is free of virus and have max fps (frames per second) who will increase your skill and game quality. Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshot number three (Counter-Terrorists attacking terrorist and tries to save a plant). Counter-Strike 1.6 download - You can download this game from a direct link or uTorrent, if you want download it from a direct link just click on CS 1.6 DOWNLOAD or COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 DOWNLOAD button/link. Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay screenshot number four (Counter-Terrorist killed terrorist with headshot from USP on 1st round). You can download CS 1.6 torrent using uTorrent application, with uTorrent you will get max. download speed and you also can pause/resume cs 1.6 torrent download whenever you want - Just click on Download Counter-Strike 1.6 torrent. button.
Counter-Strike 1.6 ( CS 1.6 ).

CS 1.6 - Counter Strike 1.6 is all times most popular first person shooter genre game, Counter Strike game was created in 1999, from the beginning, the game was distributed only as Half-Life game addition. Counter Strike game quickly became popular and brought together a large crowd of his fans from all over the world, as well as, little by little CS 1.6 game server's creator's began to build this game modifications: CSDM, Zombie Plague, Surf and much more. At the beginning was very hard to find non-steam (free) game version, but little by little, people who makes money from Counter Strike 1.6 game, began to develop non-steam CS 1.6 game setup file's (client's), so now you can find a lot of CS 1.6 download website's, but a lot of these WEB's develop bad version's of the game (exposed from slowhack action's (slowhack - CS 1.6 client game file's modifying without player accept), with autoconnect's, bad game file's or/and viruses included), so we very recommend to choose website for CS 1.6 game downloading, you'll don't need to download game every day, every week or every month like early, because, as we mentioned early, our CS 1.6 client is protected from all known slowhack method's, have latest game file's and it have classical style - Classical game model's, map's, sound's and other file's.

CS 1.6

Our CS 1.6 client Screen-Shots.
CS 1.6 CS 1.6