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Counter Strike 1.6.

Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) is one of the best first-person shooter, strategy action game which has been created as the game Half-Life, and in record time became the most popular and their creators gotten a lot of profit. Initially, the CS 1.6 was distributed only as a supplement to the Half-Life, but after some time, it has become much more popular than the latter. Goal of the game:
Main objective of this game is the use of firearms (pistols, snipers and guns) kill all opposing team members. Start of the first game round, all players will automatically receive a free pistols, terrorist primary weapon is a Glock 18, and policemen - USP, as well as all the players get a server set, the amount of money (the default - $ 800), after a few seconds or as soon as all the players It moves from its base and start to fight. All players have a hundred lives (HP) for one round of the game, of course it also depends on how you play on the server, such as modification of the CSDM having the server after death you shall live almost instantly, and if the server Public everything will be much the same as playing with bot . Goal of the game as well, depends on the map played in such de_ type maps, the terrorists during a certain period of time required to mine the map indicated the place where the terrorist team fail to do this or all of its members dies, wins the cops. CS_ type maps the terrorists must kill all the police team members and prevent them free the hostages who are mostly terrorist database. If all the players die in a terrorist or a police rescued all the hostages, police team wins. AS_tipo maps of the game is a little unusual, and many beginners do not understand the goal of the game, so we'll describe how to use this map type. The main task of the terrorist team - Kill the VIP member is automatically selected by one of the police team members, VIP player selected at the beginning of each round. If the police have speculated save to say VIP player get to a safe area or all terrorists die wins the police team.
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